Please note below the helpful guide we have put together to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming solar installation.

Your Roof

  • If you have a tile or terracotta roof, you will need 20 spare tiles, as it is common that the tiles will break when walking on your roof with solar panels.
  • If you have recently restored or painted your roof, we recommend that you book a installation date at least 3 weeks after your roof works have been completed. This is to avoid any paint peeling when walking on your roof or when shifting your tiles to install the solar panel racking.
  • For us to install your solar system, we require your roof to be in good condition with no existing damages. If you have a tile roof and we find that there are a lot of existing cracked tiles we will notify you and it will be your responsibility to replace the existing damaged tiles. We are only responsible with the tiles associated with the solar installation. If we run out of spare tiles on the day of install, we will seal all the remaining cracked tiles and relocate them to the gutter line of the roof. From this point it will be your responsibility to replace the tiles.

Spare Tiles

For spare tiles, we use two companies.

Globalcote' is great for your standard tile.
'Old Style Roof Tiles' for houses that are older and styles of tiles less common.

Global Coate
51 Neumann Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157
1300 928 826

Old Style Roof Tiles
200 Coulson St, Wacol QLD 4076

Timeframe / Booking

  • Our solar installation will take all day. Our teams will arrive between 7AM-8AM and finish around 2PM-3PM.
  • You will need to be home at the start of the job and at the completion of the job to sign all required documents.
  • The people who arrange the solar with origin will be required to be onsite first up to look over the job with our AIS crew, and also be present at 1pm to sign off all completion documents. If someone else will be there on their behalf, please complete the letter of authorisation form provided by origin. And have it available on the day of installation.
  • In the event of wet or windy weather, rescheduling your solar installation may be required.

Extra Charges

  • As discussed with your sales representative from Origin, on the installation day additional costs may apply for the job to be completed.
    - Typically the extra costs on the day range from $200-$800.
    This is to cover minor switchboard modifications, AC Isolators, shade awnings etc.
    (Excludes existing system removal or major switchboard upgrades or extensive cable installations)
    This will be discussed and agreed on with the AIS team leader, prior to the solar being installed.


Your inverter can be installed inside your garage or outside. If you would like the inverter located inside your garage, please clear room around the area prior to the solar installation.

Please allow 1200mm x 1200mm of wall space.

Fronius Inverter

Goodwe Inverter

If your inverter is installed outside and located on an eastern, western or northern wall it is required that a shade awning is installed to protect the inverter from direct sunlight. This is to maintain your warranty and meet manufacturer's requirements.